A nurse is one of the most important people in every country, society, or community, as they are caregivers who are ever-present for patients. To become a nurse, there is an academic journey you have to undertake. Many people have misconceptions that every nurse they find in a hospital, home for the old or orphanages are the same, but each one of them has a given specialized field. Medicine is a very wide field, which comprises of various areas that nurses specialize in. Every nurse has to undertake a specialized path, to fit in the nursing field they aspire to work in. A registered nurse (RN) varies from bachelor’s degree of science in nursing (BSN), but many people can’t tell the difference. The difference is brought about by the level of education that a nurse has obtained, which tells the kind of a nurse one should become. It’s without a doubt that every nurse has a very important role to play; however, it’s paramount to understand where every one of them belongs.

How to identify a registered nurse (RN)

Every patient will want to work with a registered nurse, as this is a person who is intellectually equipped to treat patients and also provide emotional and educational support. A registered nurse (RN) will be there for you and your family members, making them very important in every community, society & country. Daily, you find a registered nurse administering medication, educating patients, maintaining medical records, and monitoring & evaluating patients. You can easily find a registered nurse in a particular area of care-provision; however, they are not limited to oncology, pediatrics, geriatrics, and neonatology. You can easily identify a registered nurse, given that they specifically work with patients that have specific needs. Other than hospitals and health centers, a registered nurse is a professional that can work in a variety of environments such as clinics, home-care, outpatient centers, and rehabilitation centers.

What makes (BSN) bachelor’s degree of science in nursing relevant?

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Even though many people may not differentiate BSN and RN, the difference is inevitable. BSN (bachelor’s degree of science in nursing is a very important four year graduate program, undertaken by students who seek to become reputed registered nurses. Also, registered nurses take BSN in a case where they have an associate’s degree in nursing. To become an RN, you need to enroll for BSN. They are closely related, however, in a unique manner. You can join a medical school for a bachelor’s degree of science in nursing, to become a fresh registered nurse, or rather further your education in your nursing field. That is, from an associate to a bachelor’s degree. Those who attain a bachelor’s degree of science in nursing (BSN) have higher levels of getting hired, as they become the best-registered nurses. A registered nurse who has undertaken BSN is considered more qualified & suitable that associates degree holders, thus having more chances of employment.

Bachelor’s degree of science in nursing (BSN) varies from a registered nurse (RN), but both have to correlate for nurses to have the kind of education and information they need to get equipped with skills & expertise. With the best universities offering BSN, having a valid number of qualified RNs is possible and guaranteed.


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