When a patient visits a hospital, they are weak both physically and mentally. This means that a nurse is a person who should not only provide health care but also can administer psychological support. Ethics are important in nursing, as nurses interact with patients who seek a lot of support. A nurse should have the ability to help a patient get better, and that’s why they should uphold ethics. Good ethics provides a framework for nurses to ensure good health care and patient safety. If nurses uphold ethics, they are in a better position to provide compassionate health care while preventing any unnecessary suffering.

Why ethics in the nursing field?

The international council of nurses and (WHO) world health organization has always defined nursing as a very important profession that has to do with independent and collaborative care to the sick. Codes of ethics in nursing are vital, seeing that nurses take care of individuals, communities, families, and society. A nurse is a person who should uphold the best morals, as they are meant to promote health, care for ill & vulnerable, help prevent illnesses, and provide rehabilitation of the terminally ill persons. Bearing in mind that a nurse will interact with people who are completely out of strength, ethics are paramount. If a nurse were to lack ethics, then the number of mortality rates would rise immensely. What makes it relevant to uphold ethics in nursing is because it is both practice and an art, thus being a complex profession that demands vigilance and competence.

What makes ethics suitable in nursing?

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A nurse is a person who should be committed to providing the best services to the public, considering the key nursing roles. Like any other field, nursing is governed by a set of ethics to protect the interest of the public. According to Brown (N.D.), the code of ethics focuses on the professional character, to ensure that decisions are made in favor of the client. The significance of ethics in nursing makes it clear that people should be treated right, to gain both physical and mental care. It is the nursing fraternity’s role to ensure that they have a copy of the code of ethics, which they can follow at all times to help them understand what the client needs and how to implement their roles effectively.

Benefits of ethics in the nursing field

It is paramount for nurses to understand the need to implement ethics in nursing, as this is a crucial tool for nurses. Nursing is one of the most complex & dynamic professions, which deals with human lives. This means that negligence is not tolerated, and that’s why nurses need the code of ethics to remind them of their duties. With the code of ethics, nurses can frequently remember that their primary focus should be centralized around the rights of their patients. Nurses should broadly understand the code of ethics to provide services per the oath they took. The importance of ethics in nursing is to describe further the ideology of service delivery by the nurses according to the expectations of their patients. This portrays the relevance of ethics in nursing, for the benefit of patients seeking the best physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual health care.

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