The joy of every woman is to hold a baby in their arms, but unfortunately for some, that remains an illusion after suffering constant miscarriages. There is nothing more painful than experiencing the joy of carrying a baby in the womb, only to lose the child along the way. People have always looked for a reliable cure for constant miscarriages, seeing that this is an experience that no one would like to go through. 

How can we define repeated miscarriage?

When anyone hears of the term repeated miscarriage, a shudder of fear is bound to go down their spine. Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as having more than two miscarriages. If a woman experiences more than three losses of pregnancies, they should be taken through a series of physical testing and examination

Why would a woman have recurrent miscarriages?

Although only a few women will have recurrent pregnancy losses, it is still a painful experience. That’s why people would like to know the reasons why women experience repeated miscarriages, and if possible, the treatment should be found. About 60% of miscarriages occur randomly when the embryo receives an unusual number of chromosomes during the fertilization process. This type of genetic problem happens by chance, and there is no medical condition that causes it. It is, however, very common among women who belong to increased reproductive age. 

Can medical conditions lead to repeated miscarriages?

Women with medical conditions are prone to miscarriages, which may include anti phospholipids syndrome (APS). This is an autoimmune disorder whereby a woman’s immune system makes antibodies mistakenly, which works against the pregnancy. Another medical condition that leads to repeated miscarriages is diabetes mellitus, a disease that makes the blood contain high sugar levels known as glucose, hence working against the pregnancy. 

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Should the repeated miscarriages be identified, is there a treatment?

  • In most cases, miscarriages are known to be caused by various issues;
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss may result from poor blood supply for the fetus. 
  • If the woman’s immune system is weak, she is exposed to recurrent pregnancies.
  • Hormonal abnormalities also have a negative impact on the pregnancy, hence leading to repeated miscarriages. 

In case the miscarriages are based on these causes, your health practitioner should suggest a reliable treatment to address the problem and provide suitable solutions. Good medication for repeated miscarriages should be keenly administered to avoid harming the woman even more. 

Are there chances of a successful pregnancy after recurrent miscarriages?

When a woman experiences multiple pregnancy breaches, she is bound to worry whether there is a possibility of ever bearing a child successfully. Luckily, around 65% of women who have unexplained recurrent miscarriages have a successful pregnancy. With reconstructive surgeries and occasional visits to a gynecologist, getting a successful pregnancy is possible.

Over the years, many women have been silent about their miscarriages, as they did not know whether there is a remedy to their condition. Women no longer have to suffer in silence as a treatment for repeated pregnancy loss is available in our hospitals. Every woman deserves to hear the cry of a child, and get to feel the joy of motherhood.

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