Medicine is a field that’s paramount in every country, as the best doctors and nurses are realized from it. There are more nurses than doctors, and in every health facility that you visit, the person to first attend to you is a nurse. Nurses can work without a doctor (where there are no severe cases), but a doctor will always need the assistance and collaboration of nurses. There is the rise of nurse navigators, which is a very important team of senior & advanced practice registered nurses, who are invited when vital medical care for patients is required. When it comes to complicated health conditions that require a high level of experience & comprehensive health care, nurse navigators are the people to put their skills to work. A qualified nurse navigator will always be there to administer health-care to patients through medical systems, as they practice with evidence-based care for the best patient’s outcome in terms of diagnoses, treatment, and cure. 

What has led to the rise of nurse navigators?

There have been reports of people dying from very deadly diseases, which results from health complications. Currently, people are working hard to fight the deadly Covid-19, which has been quite a challenge to many. This is why nurse navigators have been called to the action, even though attending to Covid-19 patients is delicate and dangerous. The presence of nurse navigators has led to a proper diagnosis of Covid-19, whereby they proceed to provide care to the victims. Keeping in mind that nurse navigators are involved where significant health complications arise, the spread of Covid-19 has led to their rise as a way of combating this deadly disease. Their rise has come as a great blessing to many, as they risk their lives to attend even to the most complicated cases of Covid-19. The availability of nurse navigators has led to effective diagnosis & treatment of complicated health problems, which works in favor of many patients.

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Responsibilities of nurse navigators

The rising number of nurse navigators emanates from their great roles in the medical field, assuring patients of receiving the best health care. Which are these responsibilities?

  • A nurse navigator offers direct nursing care to specified patients, such as ostomy, wound care, administering chemotherapy, and other oncology treatments. 
  • A qualified nurse navigator should assess patients’ needs, which includes their clinical research study.
  • If a patient needs to plan, schedule, and implement daily clinical activities and processes, nurse navigators are involved. 
  • Nurse navigators work hand in hand with physicians and scientific research offices to coordinate, facilitate, and access clinical trials. 
  • Nurse navigators provide education to patients, their families, and significant others.
  • A nurse navigator should gather and report patient’s data regarding barriers, medication, and health care before treatment. 

The rise of nurse navigators is a great benefit to all people, from the lowest to the highest level in the society. We should appreciate the presence of nurse navigators who work daily to benefit every patient in need of health care. Professional nurse navigators diagnose even the most critical diseases, making them the best in the line of duty in this fight against Covid-19. 

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