is a nursing writing company, and our services require that we collect some personal data to serve the customers. This privacy policy clarifies the information we collect and the way we use it. It also states the rights of our website visitors and service users regarding their personal information in our possession. We respect and protect customer information’s privacy and personal identity confidentiality. We are liable for privacy. 

Gathering and Use of information 

When you place an order, you must provide your official name, phone number, email, and billing address. We use it in the following ways:

Name: Verify that you made a legitimate order without the intention of fraud.  The name also helps us to address you during communication on your paper.

Email address: Facilitates communication about your order during the writing process or other inquiries.

Whatsapp Phone number: Emergency method of contact if we do not get replies to our emails when a writer has a query about your paper.

Billing address: Verification of your card details by credit card companies. A credit card company and our payment processor will track customer location to prevent misuse of a stolen card. For data validation, provide correct details on the state, city, and zip code.

You enter the details on a secure payment on our website, but we do not ask for sensitive details on credit and debit cards.  Our customer representatives may only use our office phone number to make a call when there is an urgent need to communicate about payment information. We do not retain credit card details after processing a payment.

We can also use personal data for customer service or administration


We can use your information to profile the services and products you might prefer.   We restrict the number of marketing messages we send in a month so that they are not too many.  Our online adverts match the interaction we have with our site visitors and customers. You have a right to reject marketing communications by writing to us.

Product and Services Notification has other products relating to academic writing, such as proofreading, editing, and plagiarism detection software.  We might use contact details to inform you about our products, services, and promotion; the information we send can be through email or SMS.MMS, fax, or phone call. We may send bulletins, newsletters, or other materials with details about select service subscriptions or campaigns. You still have an option to decline the notifications by writing to us about it.


Our website may set cookies in your browser for trouble-free access to our website and improve user experience. Cookies are text files placed on your computer that collect information on your on-site activities and preferences. We can, therefore, communicate about the products and services you like. The information we collect with cookies is not for sale, rent, or for sharing with any outside parties. We, however, allow a user the choice to modify his/her browser and thus reject the Company’s cookies. This, though, will limit the user from successfully using our Services. 

Read also our Terms and Conditions

Link to other websites 

 Other websites may have a link to and use different privacy policies. Our privacy policy regulates our website. We are not liable for privacy and security issues on other sites. Ask us when you doubt the ownership of a website linked to us.

 Third-party Advertising 

Some third parties with a link to our website might conduct targeted advertising by sharing details on their products or services. The Data that they may collect or store is not within our control. We do not take responsibility for errors, typos, omissions, and inaccuracies on third-party advertising material you may find on our site.

Disclosure of Personal Information 

All efforts are in place to secure personal information, but the way may disclose it if the law compels us.  The reasons for disclosure are to protect our or other people’s rights. We might also disclose information after detecting criminal activities such as fraud.   Below are some of the situations that might compel us to share information.

  • Use of our website or service for illegal or offensive acts, be it on our website or elsewhere.
  • Disrupting our services, website  
  • Taking advantage of our interaction to disrupt the functioning of other websites
  • We will need to access personal information to sell our company and business interests as potential buyer.
  • Contracting third to provide services like advertising, marketing, and payment processing 

Customer Access to Personal Information 

We grant customers a right to request copies of the personal data in our possession. The service is usually free, although we reserve a right in some situations to charge a fee for facilitating processing. Send us an email or call us if you fear misuse of your information or believe that it has inaccuracies that require correction. We also have a right to ask questions and key information to help us confirm your identity. The steps we take might include monitoring and recording a telephone call to enable mutual protection. 

 Underage Users 

Consent by a parent or a guardian is mandatory before we allow a child to provide personal data and use our website. We cancel all services and transactions if we determine that the person we are dealing with is underage. We also delete all the information that the person shared.

 Data Protection 

We frequently scan our website to ensure that it is safe to store information and, in the process, identify any loopholes.  We do not sell personal data or share it with third parties unless it is necessary for them to provide a particular service under a written agreement.  The part must commit to protecting the data we share.

We archive personal data and restrict access to a few employees when they have a specific purpose requiring its use. We take reasonable measures to protect data during transmission, but we have no control over servers, the web, and other processes that a message passes through before reaching the recipient.

Shared Information  

We may share your information with our business partners or/and if required by the law, and this is to expound on our integrity and protect our rights, and if necessary, to allow a judicial proceeding or legal process detailed on our website. Fellow users may view any posting of information through our chat room; however, we do monitor such shared content.


We employ high-security standards on user information to prevent unauthorized access to the client’s information, withhold data accuracy, and enhance the correct use of information. This we achieve by reserving the administrative rights to the right system administration personnel only.

Final provision 

We take adequate protection measures to secure the personal information that we collect from our website users. Our employees receive frequent training and instructions on data security. All transactions or interactions with are subject to this privacy policy.

It is our right to change, modify, amend, or alter this policy without notice and apply the changes one date after publication. We request frequent reading of this privacy policy by our website users to stay up-to-date with any changes.

Contact our Customer Care

Communicate to us if you have any questions, views, or complaints about this privacy policy or personal information in our storage. Reach us via email:

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