These terms and conditions govern access to our website, services, and interaction. They are legally binding to regulate service access and provision.

Order Registration and Placement 

    1. A customer places an order by filling an order available on our website. In fact, we do not provide products by any other means other than request through an order form.
    2. An order has a field to specify an academic level, page count, terms of delivery, and any other instructions. More importantly, customers are responsible for providing accurate information on the order form.
    3. In addition to product requirements, we require clients to register contact information, usually name, email address, and telephone number. You are responsible for updating account information or informing our support department about the changes.

Order Payment and Discounts

You agree to buy our product by placing an order. We only start the process of writing your paper after we receive and confirm your payment.

    1. We have an automated on-site calculator to calculate the cost of the product according to current pricing that you can find on the pricing page. Apparently, the final cost depends on an academic level, deadline, and the number of pages/word count.  In addition, we recommend that you pay upfront, and we do not take responsibility for the delivery of a product before payment.
    2. Pay for an order using the payment methods on our website. Check our website to determine the available method at the date of payment.
    3. We at times provide discounts at our discretion.  More importantly, we commit to providing all customers with equal access to information regarding a bonus or a discount.

2.4   The client cannot hold us responsible for bank transfer fees, delays, and any other transfer anomalies due to banking issues during payments or refunds. 

Order Process

3.1. Order Validation. reserves a right to confirm order details following a final payment to evaluate if we met assignment requirements as a customer indicated. We have a right to modify an order after noticing a mismatch to ensure that we adhere to a client’s specifications.

3.2 Order volume.  All orders we deliver are of required volume that we measure by several pages, with each having 275 double-spaced words.  You will get a paper matching the pages you request. Nevertheless, a client has a right to request reformatting to correct a page/word count mismatch.  

3.3. Change to order details. A client might only provide changes to the scope of work before we assign a writer. Kindly note in case of any changes after a writer has begun researching and writing may incur a charge if it leads to some changes in the paper. Consequently, any changes after that will be additional instructions that should include extra payment to cater to an increase in volume, complexity, or narrowing the completion terms. Specifically, we encourage that you share all the instructions up front for better service and workflow of the expert to be assigned the order. Besides, this will help us serve you better by working within the allocated timeframe.

3.4    A client can require us to use specific sources of material on a paper by specifying the particular resources for clarity to the writer.

3.5. Communication. We highly encourage clients to communicate with our support team using our website messaging system, you can visit our contact page for more information. A client might also directly communicate with our support team through live chat or just chat with us on WhatsApp to seek more information.

3.6 Progress tracking.  Customers can track the progress of their orders by chatting with us via live chat or chat with us on WhatsApp. More importantly, a client is also encouraged to use our methods of communication 24/7 to get updates on order status. 

Order Delivery 

We take responsibility for delivering products within the deadline on the order page. 

4.1. A client is responsible for the delivery channels he/she provides for sending an order. We will not accept responsibility for an incorrect email address, spam filters, internet outage, general inconsistencies, or other occurrences beyond our control. More also, we encourage customers to communicate quickly for any assistance with order delivery. 

4.2. It is the responsibility of a client to keep checking the email provided when placing the order. More also, we highly recommend a client to also keep check-in in the junk/spam folder for any correspondence. 

Order Revision

5.1. Please note that we accept revisions if our writer makes mistakes. However, a  request with instructions exceeding those in the initial order would result in additional work input. In such an instance, we may request additional payment to cater for the new changes or editing.

5.2. We offer unlimited revisions within 1 month upon delivery of the work as we want to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Although, we reserve a right to decline multiple requests if a client is exploiting the provision to make unreasonable requests. More importantly, we recommend that clients thoroughly review the work delivered and raise any concerns. As result, this will ensure that your work is delivered as your instructions and meets your satisfaction per se.

Also read our Privacy policy

Refund Policy 

It is our responsibility to deliver products on time and follow instructions on the order form. A customer has a right to request a partial or full refund if we violate our agreement or do not deliver the work or totally do not follow instructions.  Read our money-back policy to find complete information on refunds. 

Use Of Our Products 

Our products, even after payments, are for conducting relevant research for academic and non-commercial use. More importantly, we bar clients from reproducing, distributing, modifying, distributing, or displaying our papers in hard copy or any form on the internet for personal gain beyond a reasonable limit.


Nursing Writing  Helpers is a legitimate writing company that does not condone any acts or forms of plagiarism.

 The following terms guide our service regarding plagiarism. 

  1. Customers should use our products as model papers for research, reference, or research. In fact, we will cancel a contract, arrangement, or agreement with a person who attempts or condones the use of our products as his/her original work. 
  2. Customers should not distribute products they get from us to third parties for payment or another purpose.  Actually, it is our right to deny services or refuse to take further work from a client who uses our papers for purposes other than reference.
  3. Clients who violate the use of our products for reference and research will be infringing our copyright laws by putting their names on papers by our writers. In the same way, the use of information from our products, even in part, should include paraphrasing and proper citation according to provisions of your university. 
  4. We do not take responsibility for any consequences due to unethical, illegal, and inappropriate use of written materials from our website. The consequences include:
  • Plagiarism accusation
  • Academic probation 
  • Loss of scholarship, awards, titles, prizes, or positions
  • Low grade, penalization, failure, or failing 
  • Disciplinary actions 
  • Lawsuits
Suspension and Termination of Access to Our Website 

We do not condone fraud and misuse of our website.  Actually, we may take actions that include suspension and termination of service on our website for acts of wrongful use, including:

  • Use of our products or services for commercial gain 
  • Disseminating of material that breaches law by harassment, abuse, defamation, obscenity, or another unacceptable way.
  • Transmitting material that encourages criminal acts 
  • Interfering with functioning and access to in a manner limiting other clients 
  • Making, storing, and transmitting copies of copyrighted electronic material without permission by the owner
  • Wrongful or illegal use of our website 
  • Illegitimate chargeback
  • Sharing personal information and contacts with writers with an intent to transact with them outside our official communication methods 
  • Payment or receiving money through the unauthorized method 
  • Signing up for more than one account using different names
  • Impersonation
  • Using our intellectual works without our authority and issuing payment 
  • Sending a fake payment report 
  • Uploading false documents for verification or another purpose

We do not guarantee a particular grade as the marking criteria depend on your academic institution, and we may not have information in regard.  Nevertheless, our guarantee to customers is that they will get a paper with high-quality content adhering to instructions and format requirements to help get a high grade.

Limitations of Liability 

We are responsible for providing customized writing services and other related help by instructions on the order page. More importantly, we strive to provide the best only that customers cannot hold us liable for issues beyond our control, including:

  • Inability to get a particular grade or market at school
  • Inability to access our website due to login errors, outages, navigational challenges, and other challenges when using the World Wide Web 
  • Damage of device when accessing our service
  • Typos, inaccuracies, or errors on product or service information on our site 
  • Software damage or viruses after access to our website since we make efforts to secure it, and such an incident is not an act of negligence. 
  • Suspension or termination of a client’s account due to the wrongful use of our services 
  • Information, action, inaction, or any other occurrences by third-party sites and resources with links to our site
General regards the personal and contact information that customers share as consent to communicate about the products/services that we feel are most relevant to the person. We use the information to send promotions emails, SMS/MMS, social media adverts, or make phone calls for products that can be of interest to you. However, we limit communication to the most relevant and essential products. Recipients still have a right to decline some or all promotional messages through a written notification.

Changes to Terms and Conditions 

The terms and conditions are subject to change, alteration, or amendment without notice.  More importantly, we implement changes a day after publishing them on the website. We send notifications by email to the last provided address. Above all, the use of our website is subject to changes, and we might ask clients to express consent for the existing agreement to be under new terms. More importantly, our website users and customers need to read the terms periodically while looking out for any changes.

Dispute Resolution 

The terms and conditions above work in harmony with governing law in our country of operation. 

We resolve disputes relating to the terms by negotiating with affected parties. However, although it seldom happens, we will appoint an arbiter if we do not find resolutions to the disagreement. In this case, the person will, within seven working days, make a binding decision for both parties and the laws in the area of jurisdiction. More importantly, we agree to dispute resolution on an individual basis but not a group, class, or representation on behalf of others.

Feedback and Reviews 

 We encourage our customers to send fair feedback and post review regarding our services. We own the copyright for reviews published on and may use them for promotions. On the other hand, negative feedback should be honest without an intention to subvert the feedback system or undermine our integrity. In fact, such bad purposes may attract account suspension, termination, and legal action.

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