Covid-19 was a great distraction to the normal and good lives that people used to live, due to its cruelty of taking lives without mercy. When Covid-19 was discovered in Wuhan, China, people tried to look for medication. People were globally subjected to lockdown, while others lost their lives. Researchers and scientists tried their best to look for a cure, but there was no ready vaccine for this deadly virus. Covid-19 has no readily available vaccine; however, some western and traditional remedies have been proven to provide comfort. Although these remedies are not the medication, they are assumed to alleviate symptoms of mild Covid-19. No medicine can cure Covid-19, and that’s why the world health organization has advised people to avoid self-medication such as antibiotics. However, there are ongoing scientific trials of western & traditional medicines to realize a suitable vaccine and medication that can help prevent & treat Covid-19. World health organization has continued to provide the whole world with relevant information regarding the search for a suitable vaccine, which hasn’t been easy as Covid-19 is a rare disease that abruptly affected the human race.

How soon should we expect the development of the Covid-19 vaccine?

A valid number of scientists are tirelessly working round the clock to develop a vaccine for this new and deadly Covid-19, which has spread across all continents and has taken thousands of lives. According to Dr. Marianne Mureithi, who is a KAVI-ICR leading research scientist, it may take around one to one and a half years to develop a valid vaccine for the disease. Developing a good vaccine for Covid-19 will, in reality, take quite a long time, as the researchers have first to understand the virus. The researchers will have to understand what to focus on, to realize an effective Covid-19 vaccine. Nevertheless, scientists haven’t lost hope, and therefore the research for the best vaccine is still ongoing. There is a perception that there are found sets of vaccines, which are being tested on various people to realize a valid Covid-19 vaccine. Since there are many precautions to be taken, the process may take more than a year before a Covid-19 vaccine that’s ready to be used is developed.

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What to do at an individual’s level before a Covid-19 vaccine is developed

People have the perception that the government should always provide solutions to everything, but in Covid-19, everyone is a victim. Therefore, we have to take it upon ourselves to help combat the spread of corona-virus before a suitable vaccine is found. Even though there were rumors that Africans are resistant to Covid-19, there are various African countries recording infections and even deaths. Since these germs do not discriminate white or black, young or old, we all need to be vigilant as we are all vulnerable to Covid-19. There are a few things we are required to do as individuals to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which has no vaccine yet.

  • We should regularly wash our hands with soap and running water, to eliminate corona-virus germs.
  • We also should sanitize our hands with valid and friendly sanitizers, which aren’t allergic to you.
  • Keeping physical distance from other people is suitable, as many of them are asymptomatic and could get you infected.
  • Always wear a mask while going in public places, and if you don’t have to go, stay indoors to protect yourself from the virus.

The prevention of Covid-19 transmission starts with you and me, therefore let’s play our part as we await the vaccine development.

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