Over the decades, people have been dealing with various dangerous diseases such as malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, HIV, and cancer, among others. These are diseases that affect individuals due to bad eating habits, poor environments, or wrong interactions, but the same can’t be said about Covid-19. Everyone was going about their normal life activities, until November 2019 when the deadly Covid-19 erupted in Wuhan, China. The most unfortunate thing about Covid-19 is that it is a respiratory illness, which came as an uncontrollable outbreak. Covid-19 is a very deadly disease caused by a virus known as the corona, which originated from Wuhan, China, to various countries around the globe. Before anyone could tell how dangerous the Covid-19 disease was, the corona-virus had already spread across various places. People died, and many were locked into their houses, making everything other than life seem meaningless. 

What’s most researched about Covid-19?

Everyone is eager to know about this deadly, unforeseen, and unapologetic killer, the corona-virus. The world health organization (WHO) has looked for the world’s best health experts and scientists to merge their skills and speedily research on the development processes and norms to help contain the spread of this deadly pandemic. They also are there for the affected persons who are on the verge of losing their lives due to this pandemic. What do these researchers and scientists dwell much on?

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How severe is this Covid-19? – Everyone is eager to know how terrible this corona-virus is, and even though many may never believe it, it’s a global pandemic. As the name suggests, it is a pandemic, hence a dangerous virus that will not spare you if care isn’t taken. People also wonder what the optimum treatment and care options are and how effective they are depending on the severity of the virus. 

How fast is the spread of Covid-19? – It was just last year in November that the virus was identified, and within a short period, many people have died, and others badly infected. This makes people curious about how quickly the spread of the corona-virus is. Also, what is there to be done to prevent Covid-19 fast transmission?

Can the tools used to diagnose Covid-19 be trusted? – There have been reports that tools used to test the corona-virus may not properly diagnose Covid-19, so, people research on the effectiveness of the tools availed. The thirst for answers about how people can easily and effectively understand their status makes them research the reliability of diagnostic tools.

What do people already know about Covid-19? – After the outbreak, people did their own research. However, they relied more on the research conducted after the Middle East respiratory syndrome and severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreaks. These viruses are quite similar to the corona-virus; therefore, understanding them is a reliable guide to the diagnosis, prevention, and possibly, treatment of Covid-19. 

With a lot of research on Covid-19, there has been an estimation of exponential spread & the reproduction of the corona-virus in the world. Without a reliable and suitable vaccine for Covid-19, researchers, scientists, and specialists will continue researching until a viable solution to this pandemic is found. That’s the hope of every young and old. 

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