In every hospital or healthcare unit, you will find nurses doing the best to prove exemplary care to patients. This is not forgetting that they are human beings, who at times, put their lives at risk to provide health care to the sick, old, disabled, and mentally challenged. Nurses forget about the importance of implementing self-care, which is very important to keep them stable both physically and mentally. The nurses are also people, who get sick, and in these current times that the whole world is fighting Covid-19, many of them are getting infected, and some of them even lose their lives. Every nurse should ensure to implement self-care for their mental, physical, and spiritual welfare.

Which are the strategies for nurse’s self-care?

Every nurse works hard to ensure the well-being of their patients, thus forgetting themselves. Many nurses understand the negative impacts of lack of self-care; however, their passion for saving lives makes them put their patient’s welfare before theirs. There are a few ways in which a nurse can ensure self-care without having to abandon their duties.

  • Even though it’s a challenge for many nurses, a nurse should always stay hydrated.
  • A nurse should take time to visit restrooms for breaks, to give their bodies and minds a chance to relax.
  • Even if a nurse could be busy throughout, planning for healthy meals and snacks is paramount.
  • A nurse is also a person who should exercise to ensure that their health is as good as their patients.
  • A nurse also needs to sleep to avoid administering the wrong medication due to fatigue and stress.
  • Interacting with family and friends can help a nurse feel more encouraged to continue doing good work.

Which are the negative effects of poor self-care in nursing?

When it comes to self-care, every nurse should have the chance to implement it effectively. Implementation of nursing self-care makes the medical field more productive, as the nurses are healthy and therefore fit to provide proper care to the sick. Should a nurse neglect personal care, there could be unintended and negative impacts. These effects may include the following;

  • Lack of self-care leads to increased anxiety
  • Distractibility is a sign of poor self-care
  • Nurses are prone to anger if they lack self-care
  • Experience extreme fatigue may result from lack of self-care
  • A decrease in sleep is also a result of improper self-care
  • Many nurses experience dissatisfaction in relationships due to poor self-care
  • Nurses may lack empathy, self-esteem, & compassion when they lack self-care

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Importance of implementing self-care in nursing

The benefits of executing self-care in nursing may not be known to many, but it is very important. A nurse will always strive to help others through their crisis; however, they forget that it’s vital to support and care for themselves. When providing support and help to others, nurses should also look into their needs as they also matter. This doesn’t mean that they are choosing their well-being over the patients, but it means that they are mindful of their needs. It is paramount to administer self-care as nurses to have the chance and ability to provide care to their patients. When nurses take care of their personal issues, they are less stressed, thus being in a better position to meet the needs of the patient. When a nurse maintains good physical & mental health condition, they are more likely to be equipped to handle even the most stressing situations.

Every nurse deserves the best self-care to ensure the proper provision of quality health care.

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